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The needs of our society today have become the knowledge and skills in the field of communications and information technology required by the labor market and meet the needs of the private and public sectors is a matter of attention and care has forced us to reorient our goals in accordance with new visions looking at the image of the future we aspire to be; Scientific and practical experience and high skills in the recruitment and use of modern technologies, relying on the sons of young men and women. When we talk about the General Institute of Telecommunications, we are talking about a national pillar supporting development programs in the field of ICT. It offers its programs and activities to serve all sectors of society, including graduates of technical and technical institutes, universities and students. With the provision of all the requirements for the success of these programs and what will overcome the difficulties and obstacles.

Continuing to achieve achievements requires a radical change in the handling of technology commensurate with developments Abdulkarim Alansi, Dean of the Institute

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We know that management is the secret to success. We are proud of the success of the Deans

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Our excellence in providing the appropriate courses for the needs of the labor market and to suit the development

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